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Toolkit:  Suicide Risk Assessment and Response to Patient Suicide

Suicide Risk Assessment and Response   2020

Goals and Objectives
Suicide Risk Assessment and Response is a four-hour didactic course for R-1 psychiatry residents.   It involves interactive case discussion, a lecture on suicide risk assessment, and a panel discussion of psychiatrists who have lost patients to suicide.

Goals and Objectives for the course include:

  • Developing a beginning understanding of how to structure a suicide risk assessment.


  • Increasing familiarity with suicide risk factors and protective factors.


  • Understanding that some patients will die from suicide as a result of their illness. 


  • Understanding that we cannot accurately predict suicide risk for any individual patient.


  • Understanding that clinical failures are not personal failures.


  • Developing an awareness of post-suicide reactions.


  • Developing an awareness with resources for support after a suicide. 


  • Familiarity with University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry residency guidelines for response to patient suicide. 

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